Let’s Talk About Depression

Spilled Thoughts

Let’s talk about stories of blood painted suns.

People who only knew light through crescent moons hiding behind clouds.

Stars that don’t shine enough to illuminate shadowed alleys.

Rising days dawning over inflamed horizons.

Wild flowers among plastic lilies.

Einstein’s and Mozart’s under thick sheets and foggy eyes.

A cocoon breaking and the first stretch of a winged creature born of sorrow.

Broken mirrors, finding new ones and taking care of it better.

We are but one soul experiencing ourselves differently.

A single thread pulling one another when someone pushes too hard or let goes completely. We feel one another too much or too little but never not at all. Those who pretend they don’t feel are never really themselves but are bathing in shattered hopes or crippled dreams. Being numb is never the absence of feelings but the presence of an ocean of pain too deep. That it drowns the being until there is no more space for genuine giggles and bright tomorrows.

Asking for help is not a weakness.

It is humility to acknowledge a broken limb and use someone’s hands to pick up pieces of a shattered glass so it doesn’t wound anybody. We grow together when we help each other. There is strength in another for every weakness that you have which makes a full circle of balance. Life becomes brighter when we focus on complimentaries instead of comparisons. It is more realistic to see a world of togetherness — one bright giant flame. Than a world of dim stars too far from each other competing which one shines the most but fails to see that the shine in one person is meant to ignite the fire in another and not extinguish it.

Feeling alone when in pain is an illusion.

Never EVER think that your pain is your pain only. When in fact that pain occurred in the context of the world where it happened. What is sad is when the abused become the abuser. No healing. No growth. I truly believe in the therapeutic powers of art. Where people are able to express themselves in a healthy creative manner. Your hurt is not your hurt only. It is the world’s hurt. As it is of everyone. Don’t be selfish of your hurt. Share if you must. And share especially with the right people. Those who will create a space for you to outgrow your pain. Do not take your pain to the grave or conceive it through your children. Speak and be heard. And when it is safe for you to move forward. Take one baby step. A tiny one. Cause that’s a humongous leap.

17 thoughts on “Let’s Talk About Depression

  1. Wow. Just, WOW. Your imagery and your voice are very strong and can be clearly heard and felt. Absolutely awesome job!!

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