Simple Ways to Max the Use of Social Media

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Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. Snapchat. Anything else you have a profile with? There is the physical world and the virtual one. Some even exists more in their virtual version than the real one. But what is the relevance of social media? I can’t even begin to start the pros since there’s ALOT but the cons is absolutely present too. What I want to talk about is how you can use the pros of social media to your own advantage rather than drowning yourself in endless sites that wants your identity.


YouTube is my favorite! I can’t quite count how many laughs these platform has provided during my down moments. Current living is too stressful to shy away from stuff that makes us happy even just for momentary smiles. Thousands of games, videos, pictures are available in a single click and it is always wise to choose which form of entertainment you wish to spend your time with. Because the web no matter how entertaining it seems should never be an escape from your reality. Ok? So next time your gloomy version appears you might want to search for the particular song that can make you dance in a heartbeat.


This will be very handy for job hunting and researches. Everything on the web is information! And social media is at the top when it comes to present day sharing of ideas, links, products and services. It is skillful though to note that not everything is reliable due to proliferation of fake news and people whose only intention is to send negative vibes and degrading information. So a keen eye for truth is needed to filter which info is necessary and also to avoid mind clutter. Stalking your crush in social media is cute but don’t be too creepy. Never ever like ALL of his profile pictures and posts (ever!).

Business or Talent Sharing

Millions of people use social media for marketing and engaging the target consumers. It is a very powerful platform to market your business and connect to people who are interested in your products and services. But if business is not what you have in mind yet then you might as well use your chosen site to share your skills. Since a lot of people have discovered their unique passion by uploading pictures and videos of their interests. Instagram is a topnotch for creative individuals. Who knows you might discover your talent or reawaken your childhood passion by sharing it to people. Sometimes others see well than what we see in ourselves. And giving yourself that opportunity could be what you need to boost your confidence in sharing your hidden talents and skills.


This for me is the best use of social media. It could never quite compare to the way we connect in the past. Letters in a bottle (if that even existed), telegrams, and postal deliveries are things of the past though not yet extinct. The convenience, reliability, practicality and timeliness of social sites in connecting people has yet to be surpassed. Even though social platforms seems to drift people apart in some cases, most people rely on it for day to day conversations. The cons of social media in people connection is very challenging but if used appropriately, numerous platforms (especially Facebook) connect us to our loved ones and should be used to build deeper connections than severe the existing ones. Send a compliment and don’t forget to comment with a sincere intention to your loved ones to let them know that you remember them. In this age of interconnectedness aim to build deeper connections than shallow likes. You can also expand your social circle by joining groups that share your interest and maybe meet those people someday. Deepen your relationships and expand your horizon because life is better with good relationships.

These are only a few things that will help you in using social sites to your advantage. Nothing ever comes only in white though and those platforms are also equipment’s of other people in disseminating negativity but that should not hold you back in continuously using social media. Awareness is the key.


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Thanks for reading! 😊

6 thoughts on “Simple Ways to Max the Use of Social Media

  1. Your blog page is getting impressive! Fantastic! The first time I visited, it’s far from this. It was really a blank page… Congratulations for the development you’ve made. A beautiful blog page with a beautiful write-ups… I am happy that you’ve learned so much now. Keep going.

      1. Oh very well! haha. Now I know, matagal ka na palang blogger, you have so many followers, from mc pen, instagram, fb, etc., here’s a thing, for me, I want to learn more, and would like to attend in some seminars. Hope you can help me.

      2. No, ive only started with wordpress and i learnes so much i mean sa kakatitig ko sa page ko nitong mga nakaraang araw haha. Yes! I think it is good to learn from others who are in this industry for quite awhile but most importantly have fun in the process

  2. Good writing! Letters in bottles did exist 😉 I am currently on a social media detox, you know, no Facebook/Instagram/Youtube/etc.for a month, just to see how my life can get by without those lol. Also, I suggest you take advantage of WordPress’ text formats to make a Heading, make bolds and italics, so that subtitles or subheadings stand out.

    1. Its such a pain argh editing. But in time hopefully it gets easier. I did go through that phase btw. And the benefits are life changing.. not all sites are my cup of tea. And so far wordpress is impressive 👌 i send you good vibes with ur social media detox ❤️

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