All That I’m Not.

Poetry and Books

You took me to your secure arms and embraced every square of my wanting skin so i can kiss solace. 

Your burrowed chest is a place of warm sofas on cold rainy mornings while sipping coffee beside windowsills. 

You are the soul embodiment of what home feels whenever i was tired of living so i stopped trying hard and with a quick sigh everything becomes easy when i stand before you. 

Easy is a word too light on a scale. 

You made me fly and glide over peaks and tunnels because you help me soar and showed me how to look beyond. 

That there are blissful streams within forests packed with beasts or gems hiding within the cores of mountains. 

You love me and those who love us becomes part of us if welcomed with a humble heart. 

I met my paradise in your arms where I melt completely. 

I am perfectly tucked and fitted like two half circles that meet, I’ve touched the pieces of my undone puzzle. 

I love you for all that I am and I am not which I found in you.

Dedicated to my heart’s first love.


M. Cano

Gratitude Prayer

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