Energize Your Home and Create a Livable Space

Spilled Thoughts

Breathe. While I sit on the sofa with my feet tucked under a pillow. The light of the day feels warm on a Sunday morning doing nothing but enjoy the coziness of it all. 

Sunday feels! And one of the best things I’ve done during my free time is not hunting the next resto or buying the pair of sandals i saw my coworker wear. Its doing nothing! But feeling everything. Energizing and filling yourself with the richness that life can offer by simple living. Throughout the years I have managed to scout one or two tips to energize your home. The portal to reviving your elixir and get yourself ready for next weeks battle.

1. Discard unnecessary stuff.

I would rather be in a studio with a pair of chair and table than a dusty room full of stuff no longer needed. Your space is a ground for keeping things that are still needed and wanted. And those stuff that is no longer of use are supposed to be replaced by something new. Dont keep holding on to things. I mean literally. Reserve those spaces for new things to come. Try it. It’s a breeze. Start with the shirt way below your closet. You don’t wear that anymore.

2. Choose which things to keep.

The best feeling is to be surrounded by a group of people that we can groove with. And the home should also reflect the person that we are internally. It is an extension of ourselves. Which means those crafty keepsakes sitting on the corner next to your TV set should also bring joy to you not only to your visitors.

3. Create your happy place.

My room is my oasis. Again. That’s a mantra. It is where you lay down your night thoughts. Make it the best version of what comfortable means. It will give the proper daily rest needed as you continue reaching your dreams in real life.

4. Fill the air with music.

Hype. Mellow. Solemn. Upbeat. I have had countless playlists on loop sometimes throughout the day. And it is very rewarding. The way music does when you need some prepping when you hit the gym. Music either lifts up the surroundings or weigh it down. Which is why I don’t prefer noises from the TV to cloud our home the entire night. Try playing music from nature. A flowing river. Ocean waves. Birds singing! Take nature to your home. There are hours to play when you search online and it is amazing how this magically transforms not only yours but the mood of the entire room. Tip — purchase a bottle of massage oil since the relaxing sounds is perfect to create your homemade spa.

5. Say loving words to each home member.

No home is perfect. Ours certainly isn’t. It takes years sometimes to settle a feud. However the home is not a place to keep hateful thoughts towards people we live with. It feels terrible and restrictive when we hold grudges against someone we see everyday. But for how long? Listen. The home also listens. And it is only alive and truly a home when the people within have built a home upon themselves. It is YOU as the owner who will be the primary source of energy you build and nurture within your home. Create good vibes.

11 thoughts on “Energize Your Home and Create a Livable Space

  1. Thank you for sharing! Would you mind sharing your playlists? I hate having to look for music to start doing something 😦

  2. There’s some sound advice there, thank you.
    I’ve read a couple of books about hygge – pronounced hue-gah which is the Danish art of living well.
    You may find some really sound advice within those books if you haven’t already read any.

      1. Hahahaha yah i know the feeling good thing were good with writing. There is so much to explore in living the simple life. As easy as it sounds. Simplicity is like the peak of a mountain, when having less means more

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