Note to Self by Connor Franta

Poetry and Books

It has been a day after i finished reading the book and as much as possible i try to write my thoughts rightafter the last page so the insights are still fresh. 

Connor Franta is the embodiment of a millenial with an old soul twist. Present on almost every corner of top social media avenues such as Youtube and Instagram. 

The sad truth about these platforms though is that they can drift people away without due notice. Oceans exists within familiar situations where cellphones take the centerstage instead of exchanging conversations. 

This for me is the main point that he is able to convey. 

We need to take personal responsibility of the ways we try to ‘connect’ to others at the same time find grounding within our being. 

It is easy to get tossed by the quick paced multifaceted world we live amongst such that we loose real connection. The meaningful string is getting too thin and with time depression lurks without invitation. It’s a paradox. Technology is supposed to connect us isn’t it? But it has also become a pitfall. There will always be polarities and maintaining balance is the real challenge.

The book also features poetry! It’s a lovely read and aesthetically appealing. There are dramatic photos which adds to the vividness as he goes through different phases of growing up and finding meaning to life or should i say finding meaning in himself. 

Because life is as we experience it individually. No two definitions will be the same. 

The book gradually unfolds the musings of a person who is young in body but way ahead of his years in thoughts as a complete and unique individual once hindered by social norms now ‘out’ and about. 

You can check him out in action by visiting his pages on Youtube and Instagram.


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