Love Her Wild by Atticus

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Love Her WildBy Atticus

What does a man in love look like? Its easy to tell. But how they feel like is what this whimsical poet takes you to. Atticus is a man in love. In bold letters. Alive and golden. His crafted words will melt the cemented heart asking what being in love ought to feel – wild and free.

He writes about that familiar feeling of love. And i dont know where his words end because the feelings flow either from his paper or from my own beat. Its hard to draw the line when art becomes a vessel for the artist and the audience to share common grounds. He paints with words the lines of loving and living, hopes and dreams, and the beast in a man who falls head first for a woman – a madman with enough sanity to keep his senses dancing on the edge and anything that spills from him is either raging passion or full appreciation of life itself. The man is enchanted by love.

The photos compliments the poems and is in itself captivating, wild and dramatic just like his words. Its beautiful how love inspires wonderful art arranged by people who are breathing art themselves. The artist himself becomes the subject, an object of creation, of transformation continuously unfolding in rhythm with the masterpiece being made.

You can check him on Instagram. Here i leave these excerpts from the man himself in love with living.

“The hardest step we all must take is to blindly trust in who we are”

“And what of her,

the one I love most?

And the old man smiled

Yes, he said,

you must love her too

but leave her wild

and she’ll love you.”

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