Brida by Paulo Coelho

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BridaBy Paulo Coelho

Brida is a woman in search of her very nature, that runs in her blood for generations and many incarnations. Magic, tarot decks, soul linking and time travel. It is a book for everyone on the road of spirituality. Which is every single person since arent we all spiritual beings experiencing life in human bodies? It is for those who are afraid but never rendered immobile however afraid they are to take the trodden path of soul growth. Faith in mind is only one step and believing in your ability to keep moving forward is faith in action, a lifelong action.

The book is full of woman empowerment. Of the Tradition of the Moon, of witches, the ghosts of woman burned at stakes. The progressive movement of the feminine is a favored theme in his books. In order to advance society women has to rise to her fullness and claim her power not by competing against man but by wearing her crown in ermine robes with soft lacy sleeves, by becoming a feminine in her pure essence. The atrocities commited by the church is also a constant theme among his books.

He has always been an advocate of pursuing the path of each person. Of manifesting dreams with full trust in the divine guidance. He is not only a storyteller but a teacher himself. His lessons written between the lines of his books.

This is a dangerous book. Its a manual for the Tradition of the Moon invoking its powers and if used inappropriately it might further confuse the person on the path of spirituality. However if seen on another perspective it is also a light since it narrates the journey of a woman and her path is by learning ancient secrets through witchcraft which has been stigmatized by society as bad. If nature has endowed people with gifts that others cannot fathom then it has to be embraced with acceptance never persecution. Power is not bad in itself but it has the potential to be used with wrong intentions which makes it a vehicle for atrocities in the hands of lost individuals. Life is a mystery and embracing the mysterious is embracing life itself and we only understand that which we love and embrace fully without judgment.

I feel dazed by the magic that he casts. My mind is engulfed by the mystical characters that he brings to life. I lose my words for the well of amazement which renders me tounge tied as my mind continue imagining the conjured steps of Brida and her mystic quest of self discovery. Every awakened individual is a lighted lamp for the world to marvel. Brida urges you. She dares us.

Book excerpts:

“Gardeners always recognize one another, because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole world.”

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”

“God manifests himself in everything, but the word is one of his most favored methods of doing so, because the word is thought transformed into vibration; you are projecting into the air around you something which, before, was only energy. Take great care with everything you say.. The word has more power than many rituals.”


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