The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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F. Scott Fitzgerald himself is a product of the age he is made of and talks about – unapologetic sophistication to the brim. Where in a world run by drunk men too much parties, cigars, gin and sex will never be too much.

The greatest subject of the story is Jay Gatsby’s affection for Daisy Buchanan which is same as the era it was found, lavish and superfluous. A man who can soar with the enormity of his convictions from a throbbing heart for his lady. Its almost funny and cute the same time but hopelessly tragic. It reminds me of Shakespeare’s lovebirds where the folly of a person chasing love leads to his own demise and broken legacies.

He chooses words like lavishments on a grand mansion, ceilings full of crystals and windows with super sized draperies down the marbled flooring. The words flow like pearls from a spoiled mistress. Characters drunk from too much whiskey and parties packed with people too close to one another, too many wild and loud lips to hear voices drowned in some sassy jazz playlist. The book is a hallmark of an age of people screaming money to flee or laugh at human miseries bred by society and fall short of doing so. Racism, materialism, sexist objectification of women, poverty and madman chasing dreams of worldly fame and fortune. It all looked like a game, played good enough by men willing to pay the price even in exchange of his soul. A limp beggar with a studded bracelet. It was hell that went loose and waltzes on the corner of a troubled street.

Just as the man could make your heart swell, he can swoon you over with his words then take every breath away towards the last page. A song has an ending but the love ended with the last note as well for it was a story of people with forlorn tears. There were bedazzles from ceiling lights but nowhere in the center of men who were lost but didnt want to be found. Tragic. Isnt it what the jazz age was about? Saxophones distracting people from their lonesome sleepness nights in crowded cities. 

We can go back in time and feel groovy with the music. Then read the story of the great man Gatsby and think its the story of those people who fell for the promise of forever but too foolish and blind to the mountain of lies in brickhouses where people can dine on smooth linens while some savour scraps right past the glass door. Those people who have so much brightness in their eyes but see only the unnatural light rendered in halls with thick walls. I fell in love with Gatsby yet hated him at the same time.

Book excerpts:

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”
“[Nick speaking of his first encounter with Gatsby] It was one of those rare smiles with a quality of eternal reassurance in it, that you may come across four or five times in life.. It understood you just as far as you wanted to be understood, believed in you as you would like to believe in yourself, and assured you that it had precisely the impression of you that, at your best, you hoped to convey.”

Brida by Paulo Coelho

Poetry and Books

BridaBy Paulo Coelho

Brida is a woman in search of her very nature, that runs in her blood for generations and many incarnations. Magic, tarot decks, soul linking and time travel. It is a book for everyone on the road of spirituality. Which is every single person since arent we all spiritual beings experiencing life in human bodies? It is for those who are afraid but never rendered immobile however afraid they are to take the trodden path of soul growth. Faith in mind is only one step and believing in your ability to keep moving forward is faith in action, a lifelong action.

The book is full of woman empowerment. Of the Tradition of the Moon, of witches, the ghosts of woman burned at stakes. The progressive movement of the feminine is a favored theme in his books. In order to advance society women has to rise to her fullness and claim her power not by competing against man but by wearing her crown in ermine robes with soft lacy sleeves, by becoming a feminine in her pure essence. The atrocities commited by the church is also a constant theme among his books.

He has always been an advocate of pursuing the path of each person. Of manifesting dreams with full trust in the divine guidance. He is not only a storyteller but a teacher himself. His lessons written between the lines of his books.

This is a dangerous book. Its a manual for the Tradition of the Moon invoking its powers and if used inappropriately it might further confuse the person on the path of spirituality. However if seen on another perspective it is also a light since it narrates the journey of a woman and her path is by learning ancient secrets through witchcraft which has been stigmatized by society as bad. If nature has endowed people with gifts that others cannot fathom then it has to be embraced with acceptance never persecution. Power is not bad in itself but it has the potential to be used with wrong intentions which makes it a vehicle for atrocities in the hands of lost individuals. Life is a mystery and embracing the mysterious is embracing life itself and we only understand that which we love and embrace fully without judgment.

I feel dazed by the magic that he casts. My mind is engulfed by the mystical characters that he brings to life. I lose my words for the well of amazement which renders me tounge tied as my mind continue imagining the conjured steps of Brida and her mystic quest of self discovery. Every awakened individual is a lighted lamp for the world to marvel. Brida urges you. She dares us.

Book excerpts:

“Gardeners always recognize one another, because they know that in the history of each plant lies the growth of the whole world.”

“When you find your path, you must not be afraid. You need to have sufficient courage to make mistakes. Disappointment, defeat, and despair are the tools God uses to show us the way.”

“God manifests himself in everything, but the word is one of his most favored methods of doing so, because the word is thought transformed into vibration; you are projecting into the air around you something which, before, was only energy. Take great care with everything you say.. The word has more power than many rituals.”

Love Her Wild by Atticus

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Love Her WildBy Atticus

What does a man in love look like? Its easy to tell. But how they feel like is what this whimsical poet takes you to. Atticus is a man in love. In bold letters. Alive and golden. His crafted words will melt the cemented heart asking what being in love ought to feel – wild and free.

He writes about that familiar feeling of love. And i dont know where his words end because the feelings flow either from his paper or from my own beat. Its hard to draw the line when art becomes a vessel for the artist and the audience to share common grounds. He paints with words the lines of loving and living, hopes and dreams, and the beast in a man who falls head first for a woman – a madman with enough sanity to keep his senses dancing on the edge and anything that spills from him is either raging passion or full appreciation of life itself. The man is enchanted by love.

The photos compliments the poems and is in itself captivating, wild and dramatic just like his words. Its beautiful how love inspires wonderful art arranged by people who are breathing art themselves. The artist himself becomes the subject, an object of creation, of transformation continuously unfolding in rhythm with the masterpiece being made.

You can check him on Instagram. Here i leave these excerpts from the man himself in love with living.

“The hardest step we all must take is to blindly trust in who we are”

“And what of her,

the one I love most?

And the old man smiled

Yes, he said,

you must love her too

but leave her wild

and she’ll love you.”

Note to Self by Connor Franta

Poetry and Books

It has been a day after i finished reading the book and as much as possible i try to write my thoughts rightafter the last page so the insights are still fresh. 

Connor Franta is the embodiment of a millenial with an old soul twist. Present on almost every corner of top social media avenues such as Youtube and Instagram. 

The sad truth about these platforms though is that they can drift people away without due notice. Oceans exists within familiar situations where cellphones take the centerstage instead of exchanging conversations. 

This for me is the main point that he is able to convey. 

We need to take personal responsibility of the ways we try to ‘connect’ to others at the same time find grounding within our being. 

It is easy to get tossed by the quick paced multifaceted world we live amongst such that we loose real connection. The meaningful string is getting too thin and with time depression lurks without invitation. It’s a paradox. Technology is supposed to connect us isn’t it? But it has also become a pitfall. There will always be polarities and maintaining balance is the real challenge.

The book also features poetry! It’s a lovely read and aesthetically appealing. There are dramatic photos which adds to the vividness as he goes through different phases of growing up and finding meaning to life or should i say finding meaning in himself. 

Because life is as we experience it individually. No two definitions will be the same. 

The book gradually unfolds the musings of a person who is young in body but way ahead of his years in thoughts as a complete and unique individual once hindered by social norms now ‘out’ and about. 

You can check him out in action by visiting his pages on Youtube and Instagram.


Poetry and Books

How can I forget?I was previously sleeping

Now awake

I reside in Your heart

Where You have placed all my being

So that there is no more space for worries

In the ocean of Your love

I cast all my fears

And You

You alone direct my path

You remove all obstacles

And make the way clear

So that there is no turning back

In Your presence

I bow day and night. 

Every waking moment 

And in my sleep You guard my dreams

All my desires completely satisfied 

When You embrace every fiber of my soul

Thank You

Gratitude will build a home in my lips 

And all these and everything that will be i will sing in praise 

Thank You oh Holy